Wedding Ideas For the Budget Bride

A wedding is supposed to be one of the best moments of a couple’s life. However, planning one can give you much stress – physically and mentally. Aside from these worries, there is also another thing that most couples worry about… money. If money is short then you should not consider postponing your marriage at all. There are ways by which a very memorable wedding can be realized without the usual price tag. Now, with lots of planning and a little help, you can get various wedding ideas that can help trim down the budget. Budget wedding ideas are not just useful for those who have limited funds but also great for those who want to put in their savings for future use. To help you out, we have put together some great wedding ideas that can help you save money on your wedding day.

Budget Wedding Ideas for the Wedding Dress

Any bride would want to look her best on the special day. But wearing a beautiful wedding dress does not require you to spend something that you cannot afford. If you want to save on your wedding dress budget, then you can always try these budget wedding ideas. There are wedding dress stores that put their items on sale at specific times of each year. You can take advantage of this kind of offer if you set your wedding date early. You can also consider clearance sales and discount racks. The main idea is to explore various shops and try on dresses within the budget. The price tag of the dress does not really matter. What matters most is that you look great in it.

Budget Wedding Ideas for the Ceremony and Reception Venues

The venue can a big chunk of your budget so if you want to save money on it, you should start your search early. If you plan to get married in church, then you can rave in the fact that some churches only ask for donations especially if you are a member of that church. You can also have the ceremony at someone’s garden, on the beach or even on a friend’s vineyard. All these are cheaper than renting an expensive hall or hotel. The key is to scout around for possible free or cheap venues. Be sure to ask friends, family and neighbors for ideas as most would gladly help out in giving you your dream wedding.

Budget Wedding Ideas for the Decorations

The decorations can take up a big part of your budget especially if you only have flowers in mind. To save on venue decorations, you can maximize the surroundings of your chosen venue (the greenery in a farm or vineyard and the scenic view of the beach and sand). You can even choose to get married in a friend’s garden during spring so you have flowers ready. Instead of buying too many flowers, you can spruce up the venue with more candles, ribbons and fabrics.

Budget Wedding Ideas for Wedding Giveaways

You can always choose to mobilize friends and family members to make cute wedding favors and giveaways for you. If not, you can go to a crafts store and order them by bulk. Buying from a crafts store is more economical than ordering from a wedding favors store.

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